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It is with great sorrow that we note the passing of a good friend and the man who has made the greatest contribution to the WinterCoat Brewery concerts. Eugene Graham passed away suddenly Friday, Sept. 7, 2012, 61 years old. Eugene had an unbelievable sense for musical talent, and possessed great knowledge on a broad variety of subjects. His enthusiasm for good music, good food, good drink and good company was obvious in everything he did. We will miss Eugene at the WinterCoat bar and at the kitchen table, where we've shared many a good conversation over a meal and a beer or a cup of tea. We hope his spirit continues to inhabit his place at the bar every time there's music here. 'Til we meet again, rest in peace, Eugene.

A view of Wintercoat's barley fields

The WinterCoat brewery is a family-owned and operated brewery situated on asmall family farm just outside of the village of Sabro in Denmark. Niels J. Thomsen, owner and brewer, was born in the farmhouse. The brewery has a capacity of 8 hectolitres, and we can brew this 4 times a week. Niels Thomsen and his wife, Dísa Fink are the sole workforce behind the brewery. We produce mainly  English-inspired beers (ales), 8 of which are available year-round, supplemented by 4-6 seasonal brews (see "About our beers", left).

Our bar and shop are open every Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm.

About twice a month, we host accoustic house concerts in our cozy bar, dubbed 'The Brewer's Arms' by his wife. We have been proud to host world-class names such as Bruce Molsky, Beppe Gambetta, Dave Swarbrick (of Fairport Convention), Emily Smith, Beoga... and the list goes on and on. If you find yourself near Aarhus with nothing to do, please feel free to drop in - if you're in luck, there will be a concert in the offing! For a list of upcoming concerts, see our main page (in Danish), or send us an e-mail ('Contact us', left).